Barry Richman


Canadian representational artist Barry Richman was born in Windsor, Ontario in 1945. Barry received his early art training from his gifted mother and more formally from the Special Arts program at London’s H.B. Beal School. This training was further supplemented by scholarships. He attended Doon School of Fine Arts and was also the recipient of the Latham Foundation Scholarship (of California, U.S.A.) to the University of Fine Arts in Mexico City.

Although primarily known for his portraits and urban scenes, his most recent foray into landscape painting (the move to picturesque Lake Huron Shores has proven inspirational) has quickly developed an enthusiastic following.

His bold confident style and adventurous use of colour has gained him recognition and acceptance into many corporate and private collections.

“First impressions are everything. Capturing that moment of first experience, that some of us try to relive through photographs, is what the artist’s perception and knowledge of colour and light can recall so vividly. I always strive to give the viewer a complete sensory experience of place, season, time of day, temperature and mood. Most often, my representations of those experiences are simply my way of saying, ‘You should have seen what I saw!’”

Barry’s studio and home are located in the resort community of Grand Bend, Ontario on the shores of beautiful Lake Huron.

“My primary concern in approaching a painting is the subject’s potential for use of pattern. Deriving inspiration from patterns in natural or man-made forms, I attempt to create an appreciation of the dynamic qualities inherent in those forms. The compositions, often landscapes, usually consist of a simplicity of major elements realized through a complexity of tonal and textural patterns. These are achieved through a process of brush strokes which not only define the elements of  composition, but in themselves often are elements of composition. My visual statements are  a culmination of combining those strong patterns with a sense of fine detail.”

“I’ve been inspired by the work of many artists, of diverse styles. On absorbing what I’ve admired in their paintings, I allow my work to evolve reflecting not so much the influence of particular artists, but rather certain aspects of their combined influences.”