Art Talks and Demonstrations at Paint Ontario 2019

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Art Talks

All art talks are open to the public at the Lambton Heritage Museum in the media room commencing at 1:00pm. Cost: Museum admission

April 5th  Marion Anderson

Marion Anderson is an award winning artist and experienced art instructor. Her versatility as an artist is due to her thirty plus years as a classroom teacher/ secondary school visual arts department head. Anderson works in series, completing a suite of artwork to explore a concept using the medium that best expresses her ideas. She is continuously experimenting, evolving and creating. Her subject matter depicts lived experience often portraying her rural roots.

Anderson makes her home and studio in New Dundee and Southampton, Ontario. Her work can be found in both private and corporate collections.

April 6th Donna Andreychuk

Donna Andreychuk’s work can be found in private collections worldwide and in numerous corporate collections. Her main interest is in the Canadian landscape, with plein air painting, playing an integral part in her working process. Her works leans towards abstraction. Many of her works are ornamental and appear to blend impressionism with hints of Canadian and Scandinavian landscape styles. Donna’s unique brushwork gives her paintings their brilliance and animates the surface, energizing the picture plane with colour and vibrancy.

We would like to acknowledge that Donna Andreychuk’s art talk has been sponsored through the generous donation of Lynda Crossman and Soren Petersen.

April 7th Anna Koot

Anna Koot is an encaustic artist residing in St. Marys, Ontario. The rural setting in which she lives continues to influence her art.  After many years of studying a variety of mediums, she has fallen in love with encaustic art.    The ancient art form of encaustic uses natural beeswax, mixed with resin and pure pigment.  The aroma of beeswax fills her studio, as tins of coloured wax are melted to begin another painting.  Heat is a very important element in her process.   The wax is melted, allowing it to be painted onto the surface with brushes, and then repeatedly reheated using her favourite tool, a propane torch.    “Every girl should own one.”

We would like to acknowledge that Anna Koot’s art talk has been sponsored through the generous donation of Jim and Marg Collez.

April 13th Fran Roelands

Let me take you on a fun and interactive journey to your artistic potential on my road map to success. I will speak about the principles and elements of design and how to incorporate them into your work. Learning this valuable material will change your life as an artist and help you to tell your own amazing story! Learning design elements to create a dynamic composition is a life long skill that will help you to achieve amazing improvements in your art. You will understand the foundation of what makes a great painting work. This knowledge will help you to problem solve with a clear vision going forward. I will show you the steps of how to find that perfect subject and give you a checklist of design elements so you can fearlessly create that wonderful piece of art! After this talk, you will unbelievably ‘see and paint’ your new world for the very first time!

We would like to acknowledge that Fran Roelands’ art talk has been sponsored through the generous donation of Hay Communications.


All demonstrations take place at the Lambton Heritage Museum Main Gallery commencing at 1:00pm. Cost: Museum admission

March 30th (presented through the generous sponsorship of Robin Tiller – Coldwell Banker Appleby Real Estate, Broker)  – Layne VanLoo and Elaine Guitar-VanLoo

March 31st –  Francis Martin

April 5th – Paul Abeleira

April 6th (presented through the generous sponsorship of Bob Kennedy)  – Jeffery ‘Red Dog’ George

April 10th –  – Martina Bruggeman

April 12th  – Jamie Jardine

April 14th – Marion Anderson

April 17th – Teresa Marie