The Grand Bend Beach House Art Installation is a project of the Grand Bend Art Centre. Since the Beach Enhancement Project was completed many years ago it was a goal of Teresa Marie, Executive Director of the Art Centre, to present local artists’ work in a revolving art show on the Beach House. ENJOY!

TOUR the ARTISTS as you TOUR the Beach House Murals!

If you are using the QR code on the Beach House, choose the art piece you are looking at to find out more about it.

Starting at the North facing wall, going counter clockwise and then up the steps:

Richard Lawler

Head Scenic Artist for London’s Grand
Theatre. Richard has been referred to as “the best Scenic Artist
I’ve ever worked with” by his colleagues. With every show Richard
and his team work to transform the Grand’s stage over and over
again. He uses paints to create the scene the director wants, the lighting designer needs
and the audience will love.

Bill Foster

As a boy growing up in the country, Bill Foster would spend his days hiking and enjoying the outdoors, so it’s not surprising that his favourite painting subjects are usually from nature. Bill completed the Special Art program at H.B. Beal. During the same period, he also studied art under Fred McLaren, an alumni of the American Academy of Art in Chicago. Later, Bill graduated from Fanshawe College’s Advertising Art program. Bill pursued a successful career in the advertising field and has only recently returned to his love of painting.

Brian Normandeau

“Creating gives me the ability to explore my imagination, it inspires me to see what I can do and challenges me to go and do it.”


Originally from France, Sbuone moved to Montreal in 2003. Influenced by all the art and nature he could see around him, he began to draw fiercly since a young age and never stopped. As an artist he continues to pursue his personal creative path, by drawing, painting walls and more recently tattooing.

Highly influenced by ancient art and symbols of the collective unconscious, he’s exploring through his unique style, representation of his feeling of a place, a time.
His aesthetic is made of organic floating shapes, three eyes animals and animistic rituals..

Kirsten Waterworth

Candy McManiman

Morgan Groomsbridge

Kryart – Kristen Waterworth

Mary Lynn Fluter

The first photographs to be submitted and accepted into the project. A local artist, Mary Lynn Fluter


I am an artist and teacher living and working in Toronto, originally from Sarnia.

Jorrie Kirby

Kristen Waterworth

Teresa Marie

Our Community – A Place for All!

Our theme is Our Community – A Place for All.  We want our art to show people living and coming together in harmony. A community is our special place – it’s our neighbourhood where we work, play, sing and laugh.  Our differences disappear as we grow, learn and love on our common ground. It’s a place where we welcome others to come together and celebrate with us.

We will be proceeding as funding allows so will not be replacing all fifteen murals at once, but in as timely a manner as possible. Installation began in July!

Click here to learn more about this project’s original conception and the original murals.