Visitors to Grand Bend’s main beach have been enjoying a beautiful display of murals for 4 years now – and it’s time to change it up!  We are looking for artist design submissions to replace the existing 15 murals.  Artists who submit winning designs will move forward to create final art murals to be displayed at the beach for two to four years. We are looking for both painting and photography submissions.

Our Community – A Place for All!

Our theme is Our Community – A Place for All.  We want our art to show people living and coming together in harmony. A community is our special place – it’s our neighbourhood where we work, play, sing and laugh.  Our differences disappear as we grow, learn and love on our common ground. It’s a place where we welcome others to come together and celebrate with us. Designs are not limited to the beach or to Grand Bend – they can depict any community activity that we can all enjoy, and where people come together – working, playing, learning, laughing, making music!

How to apply:

All applications will be processed through email – no postal/courier or in person delivery.

  1. Use the contact form found in the menu above to express your interest in applying to be a part of the project. Be sure to check off ‘Beach House Mural Project’ to direct your request to the appropriate place. In the message, please include your website/social media address(es) where we can view your work. If you do not have a site or social media, we will email you to request photos of your work and any relevant information. In your message you should also include the size(s) of the mural(s) for which you are interested in submitting designs. Deadline for application is February 19, 2021.
  2. You will be contacted by email to inform you if the committee wishes to view a design submission, or submissions, from you.
  3. If asked to proceed with submission, your final design(s) must be submitted by March 12, 2021.
  4. Winning designs will be chosen by March 26, 2021.

If, after reading through all of these instructions, you have questions regarding applying please use the contact form and we will get back to you. Be sure to check off ‘Beach House Mural Project’ to direct your question to the right place!

If your design is chosen:

If your design is chosen as a winner, you will proceed to the next tier at which time you will enter into a collaborative relationship with our committee. We will work with you to determine exact specifications for production and give you a timeline for completion of your mural. We will be proceeding as funding allows so will not be replacing all fifteen murals at once, but in as timely a manner as possible. Replacement is slated to begin this summer.

What you should consider before applying:

  • All images must be original – no stock or internet source material will be permitted.
  • Artists can submit designs for any number of the 15 murals.
  • There is no cost to apply.
  • Judges will choose submissions that work together to form a cohesive display.  Artists may apply as a group if they choose.
  • Designs from both painters and photographers are welcome.
  • Artists/photographers are responsible for all costs involved in creating the mural – (i.e. design, materials, printing if applicable, HST). The committee will advise and work with the artist/photographer to determine specifications.
  • Remuneration for finished murals is based upon each individual mural’s size and takes into consideration the expense and labour of preparing an oversized surface. Sizes and locations are predetermined. Pricing may be subject to change, but as a general guideline please see chart below.
SizePrice for PaintingPrice for Photography#of murals
this size
4′ x 4′ $1500$7501
4′ x 6′$2250$11001
4′ x 8′$3000$15003
6′ x 6′$3400$17005
5′ x 7′ $3800 $2000 1
6′ x 10′ $5700 $29001
7′ x 10′$6600 $33001
8′ x 10′$7500 $37001
10′ x 12′$8500 $42501
Drone video by Phil Van Raay – get a feel for the scope of the project!
Take a walking tour of the project! Video by Janice Cuckovic