Judy Gerber had a Wonderful Idea

“We should have the community create and paint a thousand tulips to commemorate 25 Years of Paint Ontario.”

She did just that. To highlight our new pottery program and congratulate Paint Ontario, Judy gathered a group of dedicated volunteers and all through the last year they created clay flower kits which were delivered to local schools, rest homes, community groups and anybody that showed an interest in creating a pottery tulip. Once created, her and her volunteers gathered them up and spent hours prepping and firing them in her kiln and in Bill and Ginger Webers kiln. EVERY flower had to be fired TWICE!

These are the volunteers who made kits, created flowers, delivered the flowers and prepped them for the kiln – Thank You
Carol Ann and Bruce Good, Judy Steeper, Joan Schilbe, Kerrie Strand, Sandra Brown,
Becky Cudmore, Jill St-Amour, Christina Van Bree, Lucas Dobson. Most of all, the organizer, Judy Gerber!

Each flower you see at Paint Ontario was handled with love approximately 15 times.

Stems – Thank You
Matt, Simpsons Fencing Ltd., London donate wire for our stems

North Lambton Secondary School – cut about 500 wire “stems”

Flower Makers – Thank You, we hope you enjoyed playing in the clay
Kinwood Public School  |  Huron Centennial Public School  |  Stephen Central Public School  |  Bosanquet Public School  |  Our Lady of Mount Carmel School  |  Grand Bend Public School  | North Lambton Secondary School | Seeds Rooted in Youth  |  Pathfinders
Retirement Homes: Country Manor Estates  |  North Lambton Lodge  |  Marshall Gowland Manor  |  Albany Retirement Village
PLUS too many community members & family members to know them all – Thank you
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Then Our Artistic Director, Teresa Marie, had a Vision

Many of the Grand Bend Art Centre Board along with many other volunteers created the Art Installation you will see at Paint Ontario.
Once the tulips were ready, they were “stemmed” and “potted” to make each art display for the public to enjoy. Many hours were spent creating the pottery garden at the Grand Bend Art Centre.
Thanks to all our volunteers who helped create the Art Displays
Jim & Marg Collez, Gabriella Tipping, Nette  Pachlarz, Janice and Petar Cuckovic, Rory, Teresa Marie Phillips, Kelli Phillips, Joan Schilbe, Judy Gerber, Judy Steeper, Justin Jeromkin, Nic Jeromkin, Peter Phillips, Candice Eason, Suzette Terry, Duncan & Sue Stauth, Tom Taylor, Shirley Andraza, Mike Romanchuk, Jim Young & Richard McLeod.

click on an image to see full size in gallery view

This Art Display was a popular installation at the 2021 Paint Ontario Competition, Show and Sale at the Lambton Shores Museum in Grand Bend.

Over 1,500 tulips and flowers were on display inside and outside the Museum – September 3rd to 26th, 2021