web-slider3Passionate about culture, education and life-long learning?
Help the Grand Bend Art Centre expand!

Please help GBAC deliver quality programming to the children, youth and adults of Lambton, Huron and Middlesex Counties. Help us support the arts businesses and cultural programs are an important part of local economic development and tourism.

How can you help us?
We need:
~ more space,
~ more teachers
~ and mores resources
in order to create a sustainable art centre.

Here are three ways you can support arts, culture and education in this community:
Become an Art Smart Partner
As a smART Partner, you will be an integral part of building our team and expanding our capacity. Your contribution will help us write and monitor our business plan, build a network of class locations, and create a self-sustaining cultural enterprise.

Become an Art Smart Corporate Sponsor
As a smART Sponsor, you will be key in the launching of new events and classes in the spring, summer and fall. Your contribution will also be key in enhancing our successful signature events like Paint Ontario and Grand Bend Blues concerts.

Become an Art Smart Member
As a smART Member, you will help with the important, day-to-day needs in the centre that support classes, materials, exhibitions and talks.

The GBAC has specific needs and an exciting future.
Let one of our team members detail how your support will help!
Teresa Marie 519.859.1662