Beach Mural Project

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The Grand Bend Beach House Art Installation is a project of the Grand Bend Art Centre. Since the Beach Enhancement Project was completed many years ago it has always been a goal of Teresa Marie, Executive Director of the Art Centre, to present local artists’ work in a revolving art show on the Beach House. We are looking forward to the next installation of works – coming summer 2020!

Artists who contributed work to the inaugural installation include:

David Bannister, Barry Richman, Suzette Terry, Teresa Marie, Francis Martin, Jeffrey George, Candice Eason and Kristyn Watterworth

The project was generously supported by:

Please enjoy this video developed by Channel One for Hay Communications..

6 Responses

  1. Brent chambers

    I just heard about this. I realize Im a couple days late but please consider me!!! I just bought a trailer in GB and I’m planning on showing my art in the near future up there.

    bc_art_impressions is my IG website

  2. Arlen Griffiths

    I just heard about this opportunity. I know I’m a few days late but I’d love to be considered. I just finished a huge mural at Sophie’s gown shoppe in london, Ontario. Portions of the mural can be seen on my Instagram @arlen.13.10.7 or you can email me to see a more extensive portfolio of my large scale commissions and work.

  3. Bret toth

    My friend just showed me a picture of this in the newspaper the other day 🙁 just noticed I might be late on submission. Please take a minute to check out my Artwork “ @bretcules ” On Instagram. I would love to be a part of the beach house mural project as I feel the beautiful vibrant colours will warm anyone’s soul 🙂

  4. Janice Cuckovic

    Hi Bret,
    We are sorry that you were not aware of this in time to make the deadline; however, these murals will be replaced yet again a couple of years down the road so keep us in mind! Please put yourself on our email list and then you will receive updates on this and the other projects we have going. Thanks for your interest!

  5. Janice Cuckovic

    Hi Arlen,
    So sorry that you were not made aware in time – but keep in mind that we will be replacing these murals again in the future. I would suggest that you consider adding your name to our email list so that you can be advised of this and all our other projects. Thanks for your interest!

  6. Janice Cuckovic

    Hi Brent,
    Thanks so much for your interest we’re sorry that the deadline has passed. Please add your name to our email list and you’ll be advised when we are open for submissions for this and other projects.